Friday, August 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Im back!!

Just to let whoever visits my post know...

yep im back in singapore from my LA venture, and im ready to do more good work!

will update u guyz re my upcoming shows etc etc

im on myspace too so if u want to, search 'just judee' and theres me.

till then,

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Competition Pics

me singing being alive - gold!

me singing 听海

leanne rimes i need you

ok here's my scary madame mao's memories. i feel so great tat i did it. ive ALWAYS wanted to play this role. crazy shite. scary right my face. hahahah

Mama looking for her cat - kuo pao kun. me at semi finals.

hollywood walk of fame

rushae, and this beautiful dancer tat we saw at hollywood.

tom hanks...

some residential area in hollywood... cool right - nirvana...

magic castle - a really beautiful hotel club i saw while jus walking around hollywood. theyve got many lovely buildings here :)

we're in hollywood!!!

scared the shit outta me when he walked towards my camera...

so this is how the people earn their money in hollywood, if theyre not brad pitt or hillary swank, this is wat they have to do. pose as characters and earn 1 buck per picture.

judy garland's print :)

well u can read it for urself....

im in hollywoooooooodd!!!

awards ceremony/final night at westin bonaventure

me with matthew dickens.... i think he's very charming :) nice man!

jay me and rushae
jay me and nicole
chelsea & me at the post party.. yeah party

some guys who just wanted to get into my pants. oops

pictures - finals wcopa 2008 continued

the SG team this is jane lor. man im teaching her bad example haha
this is elfie, i call her lola. beauty in the making...
me & nick vaden, world model champion. cute guy, and rilly down to earth too.
this is JR, who won the scholarship too. he's a funny guy, who sings.

dat's me. slutting away.
jed madela - world championships winner 2006 (i think). great singer, and hes got this pair of really intense burning eyes.

dat's zaini, happy from all his shopping and gallivanting around LA haha.
me and anthony chia - msia's national director.
andrew clarke - wcopa 2008 senior champion :)

mini il divos. i didnt manage to catch them in action but they reputed to be fantastic :) and they r really cute too heh.

KP and Moi

last year's wcopa senior champion. err, forgot his name lol. hes rilly cute - giirrllsss, drooooll!

this gorgeous babe was one of the hosts during the event. hot eh? lookslike barbie doll, and high a really great figure too! mmmmmmm~~~

shoot i forgot his name. but this guy is funny... hes from kazakhstan